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Matrix Smart 600w LED Grow Lighting System SP600 with controller

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Matrix Smart LED Grow Lighting System SP600

Professional Vegetative Lighting System with Wired Controller – Full spectrum grow LED light.

The Matrix LED Grow lights have been designed with extensive heat management reliability and flexibility to provide automated modes for vegetative, flowering and fruiting plants. Matrix LED Grow Lights provide full spectrum light with documented PAR values and real world power ratings.

This LED lighting kit lets you set vegetative, flowering or fruiting modes and also allows you to customize in the DIY mode and manual mode with a controller (included). Automated 24 hour cycle can be changed as easy as pressing a few buttons on the controller. The 600 represents the total watts from 200 3 watt LED bulbs. This LED Grow light provide full spectrum coverage with documented PAR values and lumens.


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LED Grow Lighting System

The SP600 unit running at 70% would replace a 400 watt HPS/MH/HID with similar area coverage. The SP600 uses between 2-4 amps and the actual output varies between 400 – 420 watts which varies by time of day and modes. The spectrum that is covered is 410nm-460nm-630nm-660nm-730nm-6000K-12000K. This unit measures 18 inches by 13 inches by 4 inches and weighs 15 pounds. All Classic and Professional units include hangers that securely clip onto the end joints of the LED lamp.

Matrix LED Grow Light will provide many years of reliable service and cost savings in your home or business.

The Professional series lighting systems can be daisy chained for the commercial grower (cables included) with up to 250 units working off of one controller.
Example Sizing: 250 SP600 units provide all your growing light needs for an area approximately 6,250 square feet.


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Matrix LED Grow Lighting System Features:

  • Brushed Aluminum Casing is a unique design in the existing market. It’s light weight, rust and corrosion resistant, and yields fine heat dissipation
  • Energy Efficient LEDs run on 600W~900W, equivalent to 800W~1200W, saving energy while yielding higher penetration and PAR value for better plant illumination and spread
  • Full Spectrum LEDs at 410nm ~ 730nm and 6000K ~ 12000K whites available in Matrix S Series, brings the most out of the LEDs, ideal for plants.
  • Controller – Advanced controlling system with functional programmability; 4 channels, 5 modes, 8 time points sets
  • The Quad-band system is consists of 4 channels of red, deep red, blue, white, UV blended LEDs, modularized design is dimmable with a remote or a programmed controller
  • Intelligent Temperature-controlled Fans, effective thermal solution, low noise and extended lifespan
  • UL, FCC, CE Approved Mean Well Driver ensures stable everlasting operations of the fixtures
  • Includes hangers with two attachment lock hooks that connect to each end of the light, one set for each side The hooks have stainless steel wire that connect to a third lock hook. Included.


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Model Name Matrix SC/SP600 Matrix SC/SP900
LED QTY 200-3W 300-3W
Actual Power 385-400W 530-550W
Spectrums(nm/K) 410-460-630-660-730-6000K-12000K 410-460-630-660-730-6000 12000K
LED Cluster 50pcs 3 watt Per cluster 50pcs 3 watt Per cluster
Life Span(Hour) 50,000 H 50,000 H
Footprint @1.5m H 2m*2m 3m*3m
Installation Hanging kits Hanging kits
Driver 1*MeanWell 400W 2*MeanWell 350W
Input Volk 240V 240V
Current 2-4A 3-6A
Size(L*W*H) 450MM*320MM*100MM 650MM*320MM*100MM
Package Dimension 550mm*400mm*180mm 750mm*400mm*180mm
Net Weight 7KG 9.5KG
Gross Weight      9.5KG                          12KG


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