2ft (60cm) Malibu S150 Plus, LED Salt Water Aquarium Light (Black) - Aqua LED - Aquarium lights
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2ft (60cm) Malibu S150 Plus, LED Salt Water Aquarium Light (Black)

$999.00 $499.00

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)


WiFi control Malibu S Plus LED Aquarium Light.

  • Black S150 48pcs 3watt LED 600(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (23.6″*7.8″*1.9″)
  • New controlling system for Android devices (Smart phones and Tablet PC ), program multi lights at the same time
  • Each light has built in Wifi
  • Customizable 380-780nm full spectra and minimal colour banding LEDs fully adjustable
  • Aluminium, brushed metal and anti-corrosion.
  • Toughened-glass front panel maximized light penetration.
  • Ultra slim (4.5cm) casing
  • 4-level quiet fans (fan speed adjusting according to brightness)
  • 2 types of Optical lens 60° & 120°
  • Fully programmable 4 channels resulting endless colour combination for good coral growth and appeal.
  • 8 settable time points to resemble natural light conditions
  • CE ,FCC approved MW driver with built-in fans ensures sustaining stable, safe voltage supply.
  • 4 mounting options : hanging kits (Included with each light), retractable stand, acrylic stand or extendible brackets.
  • 2 Year Warranty


Each Package includes:

  • LED Aquarium light with built in Wifi
  • 240v transformer 
  • Power cord with AU plug
  • Wire hanging kit


different LED colour options

Malibu LED fish tank light

The spectrum and led layout for Marine Aquarium



Marine salt water tank led light layout
In each cluster
Channel 1 : 6 pcs 470nm Blue 3 watt high power led
Channel 2 : 6 pcs 12000K cool white 3 watt high power led
Channel 3 : 4 pcs 470nm Blue +2pcs 410nm violet 3 watt high power led
Channel 4 : 4 pcs 450nm Royal Blue+1 pcs 510nm Green+1pcs 630nm Red 3 watt high power led

Fully modularization design, each cluster can work independently and can be replaced
Plug-and-play design, (Fresh water tank colour layout also available)


New Wifi controlling system

wifi control led aquarium light

New App for Android devices (Smart Phones or Tablet PC)
No more linking cables, just plug the light.

aquarium led light modes

wifi saltwater tank led light

Installation Options

  • Stainless adjustable wire hanging kit (Included with every Light)
  • Extendable Stainless Brackets (extend to maximum 15cm each side)
  • Acrylic Bracket (for units same length as the tank)
  • Aluminium rail kit system


mounting brackets for led aquarium lights

Acrylic Bracket

acrylic stand for led salt water tank


best led aquarium light


Dimensions from 24~150 cm long with power output 80W~400W

S80 24pcs 3watt LED 240(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (9 1/2″*7.8″*1.9″)

S120 40pcs 3watt LED 400(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (15.7″*7.8″*1.9″)

S150 48pcs 3watt LED 600(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (23.6″*7.8″*1.9″)

S200 72pcs 3watt LED 900(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (35.4″*7.8″*1.9″)

S300 96pcs 3watt LED 1200(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (47.2″*7.8″*1.9″)

S400 120pcs 3watt LED 1500(L)*200(w)*48(H)mm (59″*7.8″*1.9″)